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Simple, transparent pricing
with no surprises.

No hidden fees, no extra charges—know from the start how much you will pay for IoT connectivity.

Narrowband IoT:
efficient, effective, and super-affordable.

Connecting IoT solutions that require low bandwidth and long battery life to the first nationwide
NB-IoT network costs less than you might imagine.

NB-IoT plan

Get reliable, cost-effective connectivity for your new NB-IoT solutions.
This annual data plan delivers up to 12 MB or 12 months —with no overages.

$5 Módulos

Get the Quectel BC66 NB-IoT module and get started on your IoT solution today. The compact form factor and ultra-low power consumption, paired with a $6/year NB-IoT plan, is a top choice for a wide range of IoT applications. To take advantage of this price, purchase at least 20,000 modules within 12 months.


La cobertura no está disponible en todas las áreas.See details.

Flexible plans for breakthrough solutions.

From unlimited CAT-1 data to pay-per-use LTE, get the right IoT connectivity for your smart building
and mobility solutions with flexible IoT data plans from T-Mobile.

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Access the world with one SIM.

The Internet of Things doesn't stop at the border. IoT solutions on T-Mobile  network
can be used virtually anywhere in 125+ countries around the globe.

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